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Contact Us

Ashmole Academy

Cecil Road, Southgate, London, N14 5RJ


Telephone: 020 8361 2703 
General School Enquiries:
Enquiries for Teaching Staff:
Office Opening Times:   
Monday - Thursday 8.00am - 4.45pm
Friday 8.00am - 4.30pm

Parents/Carers - Who to Contact:

If a need arises to contact the school, in the first instance please contact the Student Services Co-ordinator for that year group who will liaise with the relevant staff. Their contact details are below. If the matter is more serious and you are considering contacting the Executive Head Teacher, Mr Sullivan, please contact the relevant member of the Leadership Team responsible for that year group or faculty. You can also contact the school by email at

Please click here for the Faculty Structure for 2021/22 which may help you to direct your query.

Please click here for the Pastoral Structure for 2021/22 which may help you to direct your query.

The school expects that Parents/Carers and any other family member who has need to contact the school does so in a courteous and polite manner. Action will be taken where this does not occur.

Other contacts:


Mrs M Donelly
020 8361 2703    Ext 2141 or

Attendance Officer:

Mrs B Tanner
020 8361 2703    Ext 2122

Chair of Governors:

Mrs A Walling
020 8361 2703    Ext 2117

N.B. If contacting by post please use school address as follows:
c/o Ashmole Academy
Cecil Road
London N14 5RJ

Clerk to the Governors:

Mrs D MacKay-Lear
020 8361 2703    Ext 2117

Contracts and Catering:

Ms C Vasco
020 8361 2703    Ext 2211

Inclusion and Designated Safeguarding Lead:

Mrs R McLaren
020 8361 2703 Ext 2153

Exams Co-ordinator:

Mrs F Perera
020 8361 2703    Ext 2114

Chief Finance Officer:

Ms M Brennan
020 8361 2703    Ext 2189

Gifted & Talented Co-ordinator:

Mrs S Lawrence
020 8361 2703    Ext 2147

Lettings and Income Generation Coordinator:

Ms C Vasco
020 8361 2703

Head Teacher’s PA:

Mrs D MacKay-Lear
020 8361 2703    Ext 2117

Health & Safety Officer:

Ms M Brennan
020 8361 2703   Ext 2189

HR Director:

Ms K Foye
020 8361 2703    Ext 2206

IT and Media Services Manager:

Mr D Hustyn
020 8361 2703    Ext 2506

Data Manager:

Mr K Bridges
020 8361 2703    Ext 2210

Music Manager:

Ms A Beacon
020 8361 2703    Ext 2204

Office Manager & HR Coordinator:

Mrs A Georgiou
020 8361 2703    Ext 2207

Site Manager:

Mr L Cawley
020 8361 2703    Ext 2130


Mrs J Ireland
020 8361 2703    Ext 2158 

SEN Manager:

Mrs L Logie
020 8361 2703    Ext 2128 

Student Services Co-ordinator:


Mrs C Low
020 8361 2703    Ext 2147

Student Services Co-ordinator:


Mrs M Kyriacou
020 8361 2703    Ext 2180

Sixth Form Student Guidance & Support Manager:

Welfare Officer:

Miss E Ocloo
020 8361 2703   Ext 2214

Ms C Whitby
020 8361 2703    Ext 2119

Making a Complaint:

Complaints are first handled by the relevant Head of Subject or Assistant Head for a year group. If the complaint is not resolved, the matter should be referred to the Leadership Team member responsible for the relevant faculty or year group. It is anticipated that most complaints will be handled efficiently at this stage.

When making complaints, the school advises that the complainant should be clear and specific as to what the issue is and provide evidence to support the complaint.

Should the complainant wish to take the matter further, the matter must be referred to the Head Teacher.

Complaints about the Head Teacher are to be referred to the Chair of Governors by writing to him c/o The Clerk to the Governors at the school’s address.

A full copy of the school's complaints policy is available on our Policies page here

Request for copies

If you require a paper copy of the information on the school website please email Office: