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Y12 Trip to N.I.M.R.

Y12 Visit to National Institute for Medical Research – 5 March 2014

Feedback from Cassie 12N2

I feel that the trip was of value to me because I found the high level of interaction in the various workshops very interesting and engaging; particularly when I was given a chance to form crystallised polymers and when I had to find a fruit fly with a red eye under a microscope. I also found that the trip solidified my knowledge of current topics that I am studying in AS Biology, which was very useful. Such topics included the cell cycle and the potential of stem cells to treat illnesses and disabilities. I found the three lectures interesting as well; particularly the studies on frogs in which the chemicals and hormones released in order for a stem cell to become specialised is the same as in humans, which resulted in the capability of turning a human adult cell back into a multipotent/pluripotent cell, which can be used to treat diseases that require the use of stem cells.