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Careers Education Independent Advice and Guidance

The purpose of Careers Education Information and Guidance (CEIAG) is to provide for students a programme that gives them the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills required to plan and manage their careers.  Careers Education is delivered through a variety of means.  We have specially designed days that focus on employability skills, differing business sectors and company roles. Students learn how to apply for a job, write their curricula vitae and participate in ‘mock’ interviews.

We expect our students to participate in a work placement in a designated week at the end of Year 10.  This gives students a better understanding of the world of work and can help them to make the link between their studies and the skills needed to be successful in the work place. Work experience also helps students to improve their confidence and sense of responsibility in Year 11 and is also concerned with giving students an understanding and experience of working life.

In addition, our Year 9 Careers Fair, supported by Business Education Events and our Careers 4 U day, supported by Barnet Educational Business Partnership, further enables students to meet employers and gain knowledge about careers and the nature of work in different occupational sectors.  This is delivered via individual workshops through a themed day.

CEIAG also focuses on providing young people with Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG). This is essential in order to help students make the right learning and career choices. All students have access to careers software in Years 8-13 that initially enables them to explore their interests and suggests possible career routes.  In addition, for the most able students there is an opportunity to sit the Morrisby Test, which matches a detailed analysis of their skills to their occupational interests and suggests relevant degrees to access the potential careers highlighted.

Students are also directed to web sites whereby they can further research their interests, whether it is the next stage of their education or insight into job specifications and entry requirements.  Tutorial activities will explore the opportunities available Post 16 and the pathways available, whether it be at a school or at college.

Guidance is provided in school through one to one mentoring in Year 11, but also through impartial guidance by an external provider.  All students have the opportunity to receive some independent advice and guidance. Different cohorts of students are seen together, depending on their prospective future educational and career pathway.

CEIG in the Sixth Form builds upon the 8-11 programmes. Careers work emphasises progression either through the development of understanding UCAS procedures, advice regarding Further Education or opportunities in employment. This is delivered in school through one to one mentoring and the tutorial programme.

Students participate in an Interview Skills programme with employers and have access to careers software and web sites, such as the national careers service, whose advisers provide independent advice and guidance and face to face from the age of 19. In addition, students are encouraged to participate in wider activities, including work placements, in order to build up their portfolio. The school has extensive links with many top universities, including LSE and Cambridge colleges, whose admission tutors visit the school to assist students with their applications. In addition, specialist staff assist students in their applications to medicine and Oxbridge.

Although the majority of Ashmole students go onto university, there are some that seek more vocational routes or employment or training. For such students impartial guidance is given by through an external provider and their progression is supported by a designated member of the Sixth Form Team.