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Unifrog is our complete destinations platform that all our students use. It brings into one place every apprenticeship, university course and college course in the UK, a wide range of career profiles, a vast selection of MOOCs (open online courses), advice on building employability skills and competencies and School Leaver Programmes and many other enrichment opportunities. 

The platform makes it easy for students to write their CVs, Personal Statements and record their activities. The video below gives parents an idea of what it has to offer:

Students have continued training on Unifrog in PSHE lessons and the tutorial programme.

Year 7 and 8 focus on identifying their personality and interest profile, using the careers library effectively, the ‘know-how’ tool and identifying how they can strengthen employability skills and competencies in school. 

Year 9 build on this by reflecting in detail their psychometric tests and work on how various pathways ahead can shape their future as well including their GCSE options.

Year 10 and 11 start using the careers and courses shortlisting tool, exploring and assessing apprenticeships and other alternative pathways to university.  Unifrog will be their key tool in their independent advice and guidance in the lead up to their post 16 choices.

Sixth form students use the platform to plan their Post 18 pathway.  For most students this is researching their future in detail including creating shortlists of universities and courses, completing a number of MOOCs, building a bank of evidence of employability skills and competencies, planning their enrichment activities as well as using it to support their applications, write their UCAS personal statements and build CVs.

Students testimonials:

‘Unifrog has given me the opportunity to explore different universities and courses that are best suited to me.  It has made planning for my future much more of an interesting and easier process’. Sameerah, Yr 12.

‘Unifrog has helped me a lot with my university application process including building a really good personal statement and gaining insights into university life and subject choices and what lies ahead’.
Tehreem, Year 12.

‘Everything an A-level students needs about their future careers and pathways in one website’.
Theodor, Year 12.