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Teaching and Learning

"Staff have especially strong professional relationships with pupils." Ofsted 2021


The Curriculum is designed to meet the needs of students with a wide range of talents and abilities. It is designed to stretch the most able, to provide support for those needing additional help and to provide an education suitable for all students. 


During Years 7 and 8, students follow a broad and balanced curriculum based largely on the National Curriculum covering a wide range of subjects and experiences. The subjects studied include English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Product Design, Food, Art, Music, Drama, Religious Education and PE. The Academy offers two languages at KS3, often building upon the language studied in Primary School. These two languages are French and Spanish. In Year 8, students able enough can study both French and Spanish. Students also study a wide range of other more cross-curricular subjects and personal and social education topics. These are taught in the PSHE lesson or through timetable suspension activities. Topics covered include British Values, Citizenship, Careers, Environmental Awareness, Healthy Living and Money Management. All students start Year 7 in mixed ability groups based on their form. After the first term, students are put into sets for Maths. By the start of Year 8, English, Maths, and Sciences are taught in ability based groups. This enables the Academy to stretch the most able, whilst ensuring that those who need additional help have both the curriculum and teaching to enable all students to reach the standard of literacy and numeracy required for GCSE. The Academy places a strong emphasis on reading as a key skill to develop. All students have reading books or e-readers, and a programme devoted to reading and literacy is a feature in Years 7, 8 and 9.


The Key Stage 4 curriculum is designed around a strong academic core, whilst maintaining breadth in terms of the number and range of subjects offered. It covers all the subjects included in the English Baccalaureate (EBacc). The EBacc subjects include English Language and Literature, Mathematics, Science – combined or the three separate Sciences, a Language, History or Geography. In addition, every student may study an art-based subject with a full range on offer. Students can study all three separate Sciences, both History and Geography and a second Language. Both French and Spanish are offered at GCSE. The Academy provides a wide range of subjects to study at GCSE, in addition to the academic core. These subjects include Computer Science, Business Studies, Sport and PE, Food, Product Design, Textiles, Art, Music, Drama and Religious Studies. Religious Education and PE are compulsory subjects as is a programme of personal and social education, which includes topics such as Careers and Citizenship. To achieve the breadth of the curriculum whilst maintaining a strong academic core, the Academy offers GCSE option choices to students at the end of Year 8 to start in Year 9.

Sixth Form

Ashmole Academy offers a traditional academic curriculum comprising around 20 A-levels covering all the traditional subjects required by university, as well as many other subjects providing a full breadth of choice. Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English Literature, Mathematics, Further Maths, History, Geography, Economics, Art, Music, PE, Drama, Product Design, Psychology, Philosophy and Ethics, PE, French, Spanish and Sociology are all subjects on offer at A-level. Most students will study three A-levels and some will study four. BTEC National in Business is also offered to those internal students in the Sixth Form for whom A-level is not suitable. In addition, students take part in community service and enrichment as well as PSHE and Religious Education activities that are organised. There is a dedicated Sixth Form Centre and study area solely for sixth form use. The Academy regards the Sixth Form as not only teaching A-levels but also the pre-undergraduate stage of education, as most of the students will go to university either at the end of Year 13, or after a gap year. The Academy therefore operates specialised preparation programmes for those seeking careers in top professions such as Law and Medicine or have ambition to apply for Oxford or Cambridge universities. 

For more information on subject choices offered please see the sixth form prospectus. If you require further information on any aspect of our taught curriculum please email