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Science Faculty


At Ashmole Academy we look upon Science as being a “5 year” course starting in Year 7 and finishing at the end of Year 11. The course is designed to constantly building upon a solid foundation of knowledge alongside revisiting topics to underpin understanding. In Years 7 and 8 students follow stimulating and absorbing topics which promote a wide understanding of Science and the links between different scientific disciplines. In Year 9 students will start to develop a more detailed understanding of the fundamentals taught in Year 7 and 8. This will continue through Years 10-11. Throughout their time at Ashmole students will study important topics in Biology, Chemistry and Physics – in order to gain a better understanding of global issues.  These include Chemistry topics on the atmosphere, pollution and materials; Biology topics considering aspects of genetics, disease and how to keep a healthy balance in life; Physics topics including aspects of energy and forces.  Pupils will then follow one of two pathways: Triple Science or Combined Science (Trilogy). Pupils studying Triple Science will be working towards achieving GCSE’s in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  Pupils following the Combined Science pathway will be working towards two GCSEs in Combined Science.

Sixth Form students can choose A-level courses in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Psychology. Biology covers a wide range of plant and animal biology in depth.  Chemistry covers the links between matter and properties from an atomic to universal level.  A-level Physics considers forces, motion and space in depth.  Psychology students learn to understand aspects of human decisions and interactions and how we may study these attributes.


Students are assessed regularly on all aspects of their Science knowledge, including the way in which Science works. Assessment takes place part way through and at the end of each half term.  Assessments will be linear in nature so will feature content previously covered within each key stage. All year groups take key examinations or public examinations towards the end of an academic year.  Students will also be assessed on the way they conduct practical activities.

Grouping & Setting

In Year 7 students are taught in mixed ability form groups.  In Year 8 students are taught in banded groups.  Students are placed into groups based on their progress assessed throughout the year and on end of year tests.  In Years 9-11 students are taught in sets.  These sets are revised periodically and set changes may take place after each term.  Teaching and learning is differentiated in both lessons and homework to maximise progress for students of all abilities.  In addition, Gifted and Talented students attend booster sessions to maximise their performance in examinations and coursework.


Students are able to take part in many Science centred extra-curricular activities with some focus on examination performance. Younger students can join a Science Club and perform innovative experiments.  Students of all ages will also have the opportunity to take part in national competitions.

A-level students are given an opportunity to undertake independent research projects in an area of their choosing.

Each year we also host guest lectures from a range of professional scientists aimed at a range of age groups, often using specialist equipment not normally found in schools.  The school celebrates Science Week each year and actively promotes Science to the wider community, including local schools, parents and friends of Ashmole.