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School Uniform

The School asks that parents take responsibility for ensuring that their son/daughter is in correct full uniform each day. If this is not possible due to exceptional circumstances, parents should contact the School immediately in writing.

Variations in uniform for medical reasons will need to be supported by a doctor's note.

Full school uniform must be worn at all times during the day and to and from School. The only exception to this is, when playing sports at break and lunchtimes, trainers may be worn. The School will take immediate action against students not conforming to these rules. A high standard of personal appearance is expected of all students and anyone arriving at School in non-uniform clothing may expect to be sent home to get changed.

Boys' Uniform

  • White plain school Shirt
  • Black polyester/wool Trousers
  • Navy blue V-necked pullover with school badge
  • School tie, clip on only


Boy Uniform

Boys' Hairstyles

Neat and tidy, off the bottom of the collar; uniform length (i.e. without a ‘step’ or pattern cut in it); not cropped, shaven or dyed (not less than No.2). Cult or eccentric styles are not permitted. Minimal use of gel, etc.
Facial hair:   Clean-shaven.
No shaving or cutting of eyebrows is permitted.


Boys' PE Kit

  • Ashmole Rugby Shirt [Navy with sky blue side panels]
  • Ashmole Royal Blue Polo Shirt
  • Ashmole Navy Games Shorts
  • Navy Football Socks
  • Ashmole PE Navy Zipped Fleece Top [Year 10/11 only]
  • Training shoes [MUST NOT have black soles]
  • Football boots
  • Shin pads
  • Plain navy blue tracksuit bottoms (optional)



Girls' Uniform

  • White school Blouse
  • Navy blue V-necked pullover with school badge
  • Black polyester/wool skirt
    Skirt length should be just above knee-level without side splits
  • Black Trousers (not leggings or jeggings)

Girl Uniform


Girls' Hairstyles

Hair should be clean, neat and tidy, avoiding outrageous or cult styles and obvious colourings. No hair extensions or artificial hair are allowed without prior permission.

Hair jewellery, apart from plain navy or black bands or clasps to hold hair back, is not permitted and any religious headwear should be navy or black.

All long hair must be tied away from the face in all practical activities for health and safety reasons.

Girls' PE Kit

  • Ashmole Sky Blue Polo Shirt
  • Ashmole Navy Sweatshirt
  • Ashmole Navy Games Shorts or Skorts
  • Navy Football socks
  • Ashmole PE Navy Zipped Fleece Top [Year 10/11 only]
  • Training shoes [MUST NOT have black soles]
  • Shin pads (for Hockey as well as Football)
  • Plain navy blue tracksuit bottoms (optional)
    N.B. No aerosol sprays such as deodorant or hairspray should be brought to school.


Students are required to look neat and tidy. Their uniform is also required to be smart and clean.


Plain black as shown on the website, not sleeveless, a discreet logo and no writing. (Fluorescent safety arm bands or stripes may be worn.) Denim, leather, leather lookalike
or sweatshirts may not be worn.

HOODED COATS MAY ONLY BE WORN WITH THE HOOD UP IN EXTREME WEATHER CONDITIONS AND NOT INSIDE THE BUILDING.                                                                                  


A black rucksack is optional as a suitably health-conscious way of carrying school books. Handbags are banned and bags should be suitable for carrying books and equipment safely.


For reasons of safety and security, the only acceptable
items of jewellery at Ashmole Academy are:

  1. A wristwatch.
  2. A small religious token worn inside the shirt or blouse.
  3. A small flat plain gold or silver stud in pierced
    ears (i.e. a single stud in each ear).

All jewellery must be taken off in PE lessons. No body piercing (except for ear piercing) is allowed.


Plain black. Religious headwear should be plain black.


Plain black flat leather sensible shoes (not boots, plimsolls or trainers) with no coloured trim or laces.

Socks & Tights

Black tights or socks. No patterned tights, leggings or leg warmers. Socks not to be worn above the knee.

Gloves & Scarves

Plain black gloves and scarves.


Nail varnish is not allowed nor are nail extensions.


Discreet make-up is allowed for girls in
Years 10 and 11 only.

Parents are asked to ensure that all garments - underclothing as well as games kit and coat - are clearly named. If ink is used, rather than woven name tapes, it must be special marking ink, as all other types tend to quickly fade.


Uniform Suppliers

Please note, the main suppliers of Ashmole Academy uniform are as follows:

Uniform 4 Kids and ORC Sports. (Full contact details follow)


1. Uniform 4 Kids

Visit the shop at:

Lyons School Shop
242 Hertford Road

Tel: 02088043627

Get free delivery to the school.

Receive free home delivery on orders over £50 with code: ASHMOLE FREE


2. ORC Sports

Visit the showroom at:

ORC Work/School Wear
Unit 2
Hillgrove Business Park
Nazeing Road

Tel: 01992890260

Get free delivery to the school.

Please ensure that you know yours child’s waist and chest size when ordering.

School ties may also be purchased from the School Office.


Ashmole Academy is aware that at least one other shop claims to sell Ashmole uniform. This is not an approved supplier and the Academy warns parents/carers that items purchased at such a shop, in breach of our trademark, which do not comply with our uniform standards will not be acceptable.


Post 16 Dress Code

Post 16 students are student leaders in a school community.  Their dress and appearance must therefore be appropriate to support and encourage the ethos of the school and the uniform and appearance policies in operation in Years 7 to 11.

Post 16 students are not required to wear uniform but must dress appropriately for school in a casual but smart manner.They should remember that:

  1. Tracksuits are banned.
  2. Wearing hats indoors is forbidden.
  3. Hooded clothing may only be worn with the hood up in extreme weather conditions and not in the building.
  4. Wearing football shirts or scarves is not allowed.
  5. Inappropriate slogans must not be worn on clothing.
  6. Jeans and trousers are to be smart and without rips or holes.
  7. Outdoor coats must be removed when in the buildings.
  8. Shorts are not appropriate for school.
  9. Skirts and tops for girls should be of an appropriate style and length.

Appearance is required to be smart and in line with the main school Years 7 to 11. Specifically:

  1. Boys' hair should be neat and tidy of uniform length (i.e. without a ‘step’ or patterns cut in it), not cropped, shaven or dyed. Cult or eccentric styles are not permitted.
  2. To create a clear distinction between staff and students boys should be clean shaven.Boys who choose for religious reasons to grow a beard may do so if granted permission by the Head Teacher providing that the growth is of stubble length.
  3. Girls' hair should be neat and tidy, avoiding outrageous or cult styles or obvious colourings.
  4. Body piercings and tattoos are not acceptable.Apart from the ears, no other visible body piercing is allowed, except one small discrete nose stud.
  5. Headscarves that cover the hair for religious reasons are permitted. Following consultation, and for reasons of health & safety and to enable interaction in teaching and learning, face veils are not permitted.

Any request to outwardly manifest a religious/cultural observance which is not expressly covered by this policy should be made to the Head Teacher.  Any such request will be carefully considered taking into account the school’s obligations under the Equality Act 2010.


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