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School Staff 2017/18

Leadership Team  LGfL Staff Mail

CEO/Head Teacher

Mr D Brown

Associate Head Teacher

Mr T Sullivan

Deputy Head: Curriculum & Educational Standards

Mr B Dhinsa

Deputy Head: Outstanding Teaching and Learning

Miss J Hart

Deputy Head: Student Services

Dr T Mann

Assistant Head: Head of Sixth Form

Mr S El Sayed

Assistant Head: Student Services

Miss C Fisher

Assistant Head: English & Assessment

Mr M Littleford

Assistant Head: Inclusion & Publications

Mrs R McLaren

Assistant Head: General Management

Mrs C Hammond

Assistant Head: Humanities & Values

Miss N Wilmont

Assistant Head: Languages and ITT

Mr J Barnes

Chief Finance Officer

Ms M Brennan


Heads of Faculty

Mathematics Mr P Fleeman
English Mr M Littleford
Science Mr D Napolitano-Cremin
Humanities Mr T Gilfeather
The Arts (Tech & Art) Mr S El-Sayed
The Arts (Performing Arts) Miss C Fisher
The Arts (PE) Mrs C Hammond
Languages Mr J Barnes

Heads of Department

Art Ms M Campbell
Drama Miss N Kafouris
English (Acting) Ms A Alexander
Geography Miss E Vaughan
Gifted and Talented Miss C Moon
History Mr T Ford
Languages including French Mr A Pearson
Mathematics Mr P Fleeman
Music Mr O Egan
Science Mr D Napolitano-Cremin
Spanish Mrs F Simons
Technology Mr A Glossop


i/c of Subjects


Biology Miss K Moll
Boys PE Mr R Scott
Girls PE Mrs V Clarke
Chemistry Miss R Claypole
Computing Mr S Das
Food Mrs G Dunnett
German Mr W Grisedale
Graphics & Textiles Ms S Gordon
Jack Petchey Miss K Adams
Latin Mrs C Moon
Media Miss R Chandler
Phoenix Centre Miss A Holliday
Physics Mr S Panton
PSHE Mr T Gilfeather
Psychology Miss S Naik
Sociology & Economics Mr G Zawadzki



KS3 & KS4

Dr T Mann


Mr S El Sayed

Years 7 & 8:  Mr Barnes
Year 7 - Miss Burton Student Services Coordinator Mrs Ebanks
Year 8 - Ms Best Student Services Coordinator Mrs Ebanks

Years 9 - 11:  Miss Fisher
Year 9 - Mr Das Student Services Coordinator Mrs Kyriacou
Year 10 - Mr Scott Student Services Coordinator Mrs Kyriacou
Year 11 - Miss Clarke Student Services Coordinator Mrs Kyriacou

Sixth Form  - Mrs Hammond
Years 12 & 13 – Miss Moon Student Services Coordinator Miss Ocloo


Learning Mentors

Key Stage 3 Miss S Anvar
Key Stage 4

Mr A Caswell

Sixth Form Mrs F Hassan
Learning Support

Ms L Morgan

Mr R Palmer

Other Key Staff

Admissions Mrs L Jones
Attendance Clerk Mrs M Firth
Business Manager Mrs S Willmott

Contracts & Catering Manager

Mrs E Arvstrand

Exams Co-ordinator Mrs F Perera
Gifted & Talented Co-ordinator Mrs S Lawrence
Head of IT and Data TBA
Head Teacher’s PA Mrs D MacKay-Lear
Health & Safety Officer Mr T Sullivan
HR Director Ms K Foye
ICT and Services Manager Mr D Hustyn
Music Manager Ms A Beacon
Site Manager Mr L Cawley
SENCO Mrs J Ireland
Special Needs (PA to SENCO): Mrs L Logie
Student Guidance Manager - Sixth Form Miss E Ocloo
Welfare Officer Miss H Scutchings