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School Meals


The Meal of the Day consists of one of the main meal options, or a jacket potato, with vegetables and either a dessert or a carton of drink.


The Meal of the Day is available to students for £2.55


Lunch Menu with effect from Monday 2nd September 2019


Refectory Prices - April 2017


Bacon roll £1.00
Panini £2.25

Morning Break

Cheese toastie 60p
Sandwiches and Wraps - From £1.80
Pizza - From £1.10
Organic yoghurt 70p
Fruit /Iced Buns 70p
Petit pain 45p
Fresh fruit 45p
Bagels - From £1.15
Soup and roll £1.00

Lunch £2.55 for main meal plus dessert or drink

Price quoted is based on a main meal on a plate. Takeaway meals incur an additional 25p charge

Lunch - Main

Main meal £1.85
Jacket potato meal £1.85
Sandwiches and wraps - From - To £1.80 - £2.30
Dessert or drink carton 70p

Lunch - Other

Vegetarian Main Meal £1.85
Plain jacket potato 70p
Help yourself salad £1.10
Help yourself fresh fruit salad £1.10
Cheese and biscuits 55p


Bottled water/small cartons 70p
Smoothie 70p
Yazoo 75p
Tropicana £1.00