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School Meals


The Meal of the Day consists of one of the main meal options, or a jacket potato, with vegetables and either a dessert or a carton of drink.


The Meal of the Day is available to students for £2.75


Lunch Menu with effect from September 2023

All dishes are cooked onsite using fresh ingredients that are delivered daily. 

We are a nut free school and aim to protect students and staff who are allergic to nuts. Therefore, our food outlets are nut free and we do not allow nuts or nut products in lunch boxes. 

Our “Nut-Free Policy” means that the following items should not be brought in or consumed on site: 

● Packs of nuts 

● Peanut butter (or other nut-based spreads) sandwiches 

● Fruit and cereal bars that contain nuts

● Chocolate bars or sweets that contain nuts 

● Cakes made with nuts