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School Meals


The Meal of the Day consists of one of the main meal options, or a jacket potato, with vegetables and either a dessert or a carton of drink.


The Meal of the Day is available to students for £2.60

Lunch Menu with effect from January 2022

To ensure the safety and security of all students and staff we have taken additional measures to make sure the process of buying food on site is as safe as possible.

Examples of these measures are: introduction of screens to our food counters, food items will be individually wrapped, a new dishwasher has been purchased to enable sterilisation of equipment and all customer facing staff will be wearing face shields.
Additionally, the payment process will now be contactless and students will be issued with a contactless card which they will ‘tap’ for payment, students will no longer use biometrics to pay for their food items.     ‚Äč