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Physical Education



The Physical Education department aim to provide an inclusive range of sporting activities giving all students the opportunity to participate in high quality PE.

At KS3 students will participate in football, rugby, hockey, basketball, netball, handball, gymnastics, dance, tag rugby, cricket, badminton, tennis, athletics, badminton, softball, rounders and table tennis.

The KS3 curriculum will also enable students to become familiar with foundations of GCSE PE so as to prepare any student for life as a GCSE PE student. Throughout the year, students will be introduced to topics such as the skeletal system, muscular system and training methods to name but a few.

As students’ progress throughout KS4, they have more freedom to choose to specialise in activity areas during core PE lessons.  These activity areas include racket sports, invasion games and aesthetic activities as we aim to meet the needs of all students within our curriculum.

At Ashmole, GCSE PE and A Level PE are all examination options for students.

Grouping and Setting

At KS3 students are taught in single sex, mixed ability classes.  During KS4 Core PE lessons students choose their activity groups.  Examination PE Groups are not set.


At KS3 students are assessed each term in the sports they are undertaking.  KS3 students will also be tested on the application of rules and tactics in various sports.

KS4 Core PE is not assessed by performance but on a student’s attitude to learning.

GCSE PE is offered as an option choice for students in the KS4 curriculum.

GCSE PE is a varied course where students are assessed in 3 practical activities making up 40% of the course.  There is a large range of sports that can be assessed, not only traditional sports such as football and netball but also activities such as skiing.  There are 2 theory exams each lasting 1 hour 15 minutes and these are taken at the end of year 11.  These make up the remaining 60%.  One paper focusses on Anatomy and Physiology and the other looks at Socio-Cultural aspects of PE.

A Level PE is also offered as a subject at Ashmole.  A level PE is a 70%-30% split between theory and practical respectively.  The theory course is divided into 3 separate papers; Physiology, Psychology and Socio-Cultural issues within sport. 

Students are expected to participate in sports outside of school which aids their practical grade.


We firmly believe in the importance of participation in physical activity at all levels to aid the physical, mental and social development of the participants. We encourage excellence through our celebrated school teams, whilst we endeavour to provide an increasing range of recreational opportunities to suit all abilities and interests.  Extra-curricular sports that are offered include football, netball, table tennis, basketball, badminton, athletics (indoor and outdoor), rounders, cricket and tennis.

We are well suited to offer a broad programme for each individual student with excellent facilities, including a full-size Astroturf, two football pitches, a rugby pitch, an outdoor multi games area, large indoor sports hall and gymnasium.