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Pastoral Care

"Pupils said unanimously that their teachers always help them if they are worried about their academic work or something personal." Ofsted 2021

At Ashmole Academy we enable students to develop their fullest potential in all areas of school life.  In addition to their academic progress the social welfare and happiness of each child is very important to us.  We provide a caring environment with clear and consistent boundaries understood by all.   Our aim is to allow students to achieve in safety and to be able to be proud of their achievements.  We celebrate all achievements through our system of rewards, in assemblies, on school reports and every day in classrooms.  We believe in the principle of a praise culture and seek every opportunity to reward and praise students.  The most frequent praise will be received verbally and in writing in response to achievement and effort for work in class and for study completed at home. 

We are keen to ensure that all students develop their fullest potential in all areas of school life.  We encourage all students to take part in extra-curricular activities and so have a full programme of lunch time and after school clubs and activities.

We encourage and reward involvement in many other aspects of school life through School and Year Councils, involvement in formal school events such as: Secondary Transfer; through our Peer Mentoring and ‘buddy’ schemes; Subject ambassadors schemes;  contributions to assemblies; charity fund raising and  many other school events. 

"Assemblies and form time raise issues about consent and pupils are taught about what is, and is not, acceptable behaviour. No one turns a blind eye to any unacceptable behaviour. As a result, pupils feel safe in school." Ofsted 2021

Pastoral Organisation

The school is divided into Key Stages and year groups, for the purposes of administration, discipline and pastoral care: this means, each student can take advantage of the wide range of facilities and activities which only a large school can offer, yet at the same time experience the security of a small school.

Each Key Stage has its own team of Form Tutors, Learning Mentors and year Managers.  These teams are overseen by a member of the school’s Leadership Team.   The progress, attendance and general welfare of each child is the responsibility of this team.

The Form Tutors see the form groups twice a day and so are able to monitor very closely the progress and welfare of every student in their form group.    A small number of students will need more intensive pastoral support and the learning mentors will provide this through regular mentoring sessions.  Any further support can be provided by Year Managers.

We expect excellent attendance and punctuality from all our students and we reward this through certificates issued each term.  Form groups may also win awards for the overall attendance and punctuality of the group.  At the beginning of every year an ‘Attendance and Punctuality Cup’ is awarded to the form group, in each of Years 8, 9, 10 and 11, which has the best overall attendance in the previous academic year.  

At Ashmole we value and will actively encourage students who demonstrate:

  • Telling the truth
  • Keeping promises
  • Respecting the rights and property of others
  • Acting considerately towards others
  • Taking responsibility for one's actions
  • Self discipline
  • Self expression
  • Our own skills and the skills of others
  • Achieving or exceeding your personal best

At Ashmole we reject absolutely and will take action against students who practise:

  • Bullying
  • Cruelty / Violence
  • Cheating / Deceit
  • Defiance / Rudeness
  • Disobedience / Irresponsibility
  • Dishonesty / Theft
  • Vandalism / Graffiti
  • Prejudice including racism and sexism
  • Substance misuse

Our Recipe for success:

  1. Being determined to succeed.
  2. Being prepared for school.
  3. Attending well and being punctual.
  4. Being respectful to others and our community.
  5. Observing rules, listening to advice and behaving well.

Parents/Carers - Who to Contact:

If a need arises to contact the school, please contact the Student Services Co-ordinator for that year group who will liaise with the relevant staff. If the matter is more serious and you are considering contacting the Head Teacher, Mr Sullivan, please contact the relevant member of the Leadership Team responsible for that year group or faculty. You can also contact the school by email at

The school expects that Parents/Carers and any other family member who has need to contact the school does so in a courteous and polite manner. Action will be taken where this does not occur.