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Why Choose Mathematics?

Mathematics is a versatile qualification, well-respected by employers and a “facilitating” subject” for entry to higher education. Careers for men and women with good mathematics skills and qualifications are not only well paid, but they are also often interesting and rewarding.  People who have studied Mathematics are in the fortunate position of having an excellent choice of career. Whilst the number of young people studying A Level Mathematics is increasing, there is still a huge demand from science, engineering and manufacturing employers.

The reason why so many employers highly value Mathematics qualifications is that Mathematics students become better at thinking logically and analytically.  Through solving problems, you develop resilience and are able to think creatively and strategically.  The writing of structured solutions, proof and justification of results help you to formulate reasoned arguments, and importantly you will have excellent numeracy skills and the ability to process and interpret data.

What will you learn?
A Level Mathematics is an interesting and challenging course, which extends the methods you learned at GCSE and includes Mathematics such as Statistics and Mechanics.
Pure - extends topics such Algebraic manipulation, equations, inequalities, graphs, vectors, coordinate geometry and trigonometry, as well as learning new topics such as Calculus, Binomial Expansions and Logarithms.
Statistics - collecting and analysing data and using this to make predictions about future events. Many subjects make use of statistical information and techniques.  An understanding of probability and risk is important in careers like Insurance, Medicine, Engineering and the Sciences.
Mechanics – modelling and analysing the physical world around us, including the study of forces and motion. Mechanics is particularly useful to students studying Physics and Engineering.

Why study Mathematics at Ashmole Sixth Form?
Ashmole Academy is a respected for being a highly academic place of education, where the students are supported, challenged and encouraged to achieve to their fullest potential.  Over 40% of the A* grades achieved by Ashmole Sixth Form are achieved in Mathematics.  More students study A Level Mathematics than any other subject, over 70 peers.  In the Mathematics department, we encourage a collaborative learning environment, creating a wealth of experience and support for you, not just from the teachers, but also from your peers.

Which subjects go well with English Literature?
Many A Level subjects go well with Mathematics.  You will find what you learn particularly useful in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics and Product Design.

Where will it lead you?
For progression to many courses at university, it is important to have strong mathematics skills.  For most Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) degree course, A Level Mathematics is a requirement.  A Mathematics degree, for which many of the top universities require Further Maths, can literally lead you down any career path.  A degree in Mathematics enables not just thinking logically and analytically, it teaches you how to create logical and analytical processes.  This ability is desired my many companies in many career paths.

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