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Learning Support Faculty

This faculty manages student welfare and attendance.

The Curriculum Support Department

The Curriculum Support Department cares for the child as an individual.  It supports subject areas and individual students who have disabilities, complex needs or significant difficulties.  The Department is led by a Special Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO).  The Special Needs Team provides support to pupils with the most significant and complex needs, including those with anEducation, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) or a Statement of Special Educational Needs. 

Please click SEND Information Report for more detailed information

The Pastoral System

The Pastoral System is responsible for the day to day welfare of all students in the school. The school is divided into Key Stages and year groups, for the purposes of administration, discipline and pastoral care: this means, each student can take advantage of the wide range of facilities and activities which only a large school can offer, yet at the same time experience the security of a small school. Each year has an Assistant Head Teacher who takes an overview of the progress and well-being of students within the year. Key Stage Managers and Form Tutors are responsible for monitoring the day to day progress, discipline, and general welfare of the students.

Key Stage Managers manage the work of the Learning Mentors attached to each year to provide further support on behaviour, emotional well-being and attendance.