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Latin Club

Beginner’s group (Cambridge Latin Course Book 1)

A group of Year 8 students are continuing to meet after school on a Wednesday to study Latin, working towards their Book 1 certificate from Cambridge University’s Cambridge Latin Course.  Our topic at present is Gladiators in Roman times, but we have also recently covered Roman theatre, education, and slavery.  Students are not only progressing in their understanding of Latin as a language but also have been able to make insightful comparisons between modern day life and Roman society.  We are currently on the 8th stage of the book (12 stages in total) on track to complete the Book 1 assessment at the start of the summer half term. 


Intermediate group (Cambridge Latin Course Book 2)

Around eight students have continued with their Latin studies and are studying the second book in the Cambridge Latin Course series. We have focused on the invasion of Roman Britain, studying famous historical figures such as Boudicca as well as life under Roman rule for the native Britains. Book 2 demands a greater understanding of Latin Language and we have practised reading more complex texts.  As well as this, students have undertaken research