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Instrumental Tuition

Instrumental Tuition

Additional Information and Terms and Conditions

Please click here to apply for instrumental tuition 


Please note that we do not accept applications for instrumental tuition if your child is learning their instrument with another teacher outside of school. 

Music Aptitude students are not obliged to have instrumental tuition at Ashmole Academy.

Applications for instrumental tuition are made by completing the Google Form which will be sent to you via  SchoolComms the half term before the term which follows; (for example, during the second half of the Autumn  term, for lessons beginning in the Spring Term.)  

  • Please ensure that you have spoken to your child about instrumental tuition and the commitment involved. 

  • Please ensure that your child is aware that they have been booked in for instrumental tuition.

  • Please note the importance of applying promptly, particularly if you wish your child to continue with lessons from one term to the next.

  • Please note that if you book lessons by completing the application form, and then change your mind you will be charged a cancellation fee. (see cancellation policy below).

Once you have applied for lessons, please assume that your application is successful. We do try to accommodate 100% of our applications, but as our peripatetic (visiting) teachers sometimes have limited capacity, we do operate on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. If we cannot  accommodate your application we will contact you. Your child’s name will be added to a waiting list.

A payment request will go live on ParentPay after the application deadline. This date will be stated on the  Google Form.  If payment is not received by the date specified on the application form then your child’s place may be withdrawn.

You will be contacted via SchoolComms to inform you and your child of lesson start dates.

  • Please note that it is then the responsibility of your child to check the days and times of their lessons either via Firefly (link below), or by checking the timetables which are displayed on the notice board in the foyer of the Performing Arts Block.

  • Please ensure that you and your child have watched the video about instrumental tuition at  Ashmole Academy on Firefly (link below).

Lesson information 

We deliver 10 lessons per term. You can choose from 15 minute lessons (£107.50 per term) or 30 minute lessons  (£215.00 per term). 

  • Please be aware that by enrolling your child into instrumental tuition at school, it is inevitable that  some classroom time, break times, and lunch times will be missed.

  • Please note that we cannot accept  specific individual requests for timetabling unless there are extenuating circumstances. 

  • Please note that our Peripatetic (visiting) teachers and Ashmole Academy staff are not responsible for escorting students to and  from lessons. 

Lessons are rotated on a two weekly basis to avoid students missing too much classroom time. We recommend that your child  brings a packed lunch in the event of a lesson falling during lunch time.

Cancellations and Refunds

Please note that if you book lessons, and you then decide to cancel:

  1. You will be charged a cancellation fee of £50.00 if the term’s lessons have not yet begun.

  2. You will be charged for each lesson not attended if you cancel after the term’s lessons have begun.

Our peripatetic (visiting) teachers are pre-booked for the amount of lessons timetabled as a result of the applications received before each term starts. Ashmole Academy has to pay the teachers for the time booked whether the student is present or not. 

Therefore, lessons missed by students due to reasons including, but not limited to, forgetfulness, short term  sickness, school trips / activities, revision leave, exams and assessments, or because of a ‘change of mind’ (i.e you have applied for lessons and decide that you do not want them anymore) will not be made up or credited.  This also applies to lessons missed due to any Covid related issues.

However, in exceptional circumstances (for example, a medical appointment) and if written notice (via email) is given at least 72 hours in advance, we will endeavour to reschedule the lesson. No credit will be due if we  are unable to reschedule a lesson missed by the student. 

Refunds will only be given if your child’s lesson cannot be delivered due to circumstances beyond our control.


Your child must have their own instrument at home on which to learn and practice. They should bring this  instrument to school for their lessons. They do not have to bring keyboards, double basses or drum kits to 

school. Acoustic guitars should be bought wherever possible but electric guitars and amps and leads do not need to be bought in. Your child’s instrument and instrument case must be clearly labelled with their full name.  Please make sure that the label is robust and cannot easily be removed.

Only larger instruments can be stored in the school music store room. Other instruments should be stored in  your child’s locker or kept with them during the day. 

  • Please note we recommend hard cases if possible for  stringed instruments (including guitars). 

  • Please make sure that your instrument is insured, as Ashmole Academy does not accept any liability  for instruments stored on their premises. 

  • Instruments should not be left in the store room overnight without prior agreement with the Music Manager (Ms Beacon).

If you would like information about where to buy or hire an instrument please contact the Music Manager. 

Entry to the Performing Arts Block

Instrumental tuition takes place in the Performing Arts block.  Your child will be issued with an entry pass to the building which will grant them access between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm. Each card is numbered and linked to the student.  In the event of a card being lost or damaged, a £5.00 charge will be incurred for a replacement.

Autumn Term 2022/2023