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Humanities Faculty

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The Humanities Faculty comprises four main subject areas; Geography, Religious Studies (including PSHE, Citizenship and A-level Sociology), History and Business Studies (including Economics).

In Humanities, students enjoy learning important information about today’s world and the physical, economic and environmental issues that society faces.  All subjects within the Faculty promote key problem solving skills and also develop students’ analytical, evaluative and critical thinking abilities.  These skills are highly sought after, both in higher education and in the work place.


Students are assessed regularly in their Humanities subjects and throughout all year groups.  At Key Stage 3, Geography, History and Religious Studies all have ‘landmark assessments’ every half term.  At Key Stage 4, History, Geography and Business Studies sit their GCSE examination at the end of Year 11.  Both Years 10 and 11 will sit one RS examination in the summer of 2016.

Sixth Form students can choose Humanities A-Level courses in Philosophy and Ethics, History, Geography and Economics.  All students take the AS examination at the end of Year 12.  Their learning in Year 12 forms the basis of the full A-level which is examined at the end of Year 13.  Geography and History are examined through a combination of examination and coursework.  Economics and Philosophy and Ethics are assessed through 100% examination.

In History, students explore fascinating topics including the witch craze in Britain, Europe and North America c1580 – c1750, Britain throughout the 17th Century, historical interpretations of the First World War and the Russian Revolution. 

In Geography, tectonics, coastal management and urban regeneration are a selection of absorbing topic areas and Philosophy and Ethics focuses more on the philosophy of religion and dialogues.

BTEC Business is also delivered at Key Stage 5.  This provides students with the opportunity to cover a wide range of Business related topics including finance, recruitment and account management.

Grouping and Setting

History and Geography, Religious Studies and PSHE are all taught in mixed ability form groups at Key Stage 3.  At GCSE, mixed ability lessons continue in Geography and History.  Business Studies GCSE and Business BTEC are also taught in mixed ability classes.  GCSE Religious Studies classes are placed into sets in line with their English classes.  At A-level, all Humanities subjects are taught in mixed ability classes.

Gifted and Talented students are able to develop their skills by participating in study groups, joining extra-curricular clubs, taking part in a variety of trips and studying critical thinking.

Extra Curricular

Students benefit from a large variety of extra-curricular activities that increase their interest and skills in subjects whilst also developing their role as citizens in the wider community.  These include clubs such as the Philosophy and History groups where debating takes place, as well as the Green Council which works on issues of sustainability.  As part of the ‘Giving Nation Project’, Year 8 students complete fundraising activities to develop their enterprising skills and some Business Studies students are able to visit local businesses and learn how they are run.  Students also have the opportunity to carry out Geography field work.