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How the Funding is Spent

How the funding is spent:

  • Ensuring that all the day to day teaching is outstanding and meets the needs for each learner.
  • All staff to be involved in a mid-year review looking at the progress, quality of work, assessments and areas of misconceptions.
  • Personalised action plan from each subject area for students who are not achieving their aspirational targets.
  • Early intervention in Key Stage 3 for English and Maths with lunchtime booster sessions.
  • Additional support in lessons by teaching assistants.
  • In Year 11 students who are borderline 4/5 are allocated a one-to one subject specialist tutor in English and Maths.
  • In Year 11 students who are borderline4/5 are allocated a Year 12 peer tutor in Maths.
  • In Key Stage 4 Revision guides/workbooks which are available from our online shop are provided for free.
  • GSCE Easter revision sessions are provided for free.
  • The Learning Mentor of each year group to mentor students and provide an individualised approach to addressing barriers to learning and emotional support.
  • The Attendance Clerk to work with Learning mentor to improve attendance and punctuality

The date of the next review will be in September 2020

In 2018/19 the Pupil Premium allocation was spent on:

  • Staffing
  • Booster sessions
  • Easter revision sessions
  • Key Stage 3 and 4 revision guides and workbooks
  • Saturday GCSE Maths Revision Classes
  • Trips