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Homework Policy

Ashmole Academy has three types of homework:

1. Teacher Directed Homework

Each subject has a termly programme of homework connected to the programme of study for that term and given for the class each timetable cycle.  Teacher directed homework can be completed at home but also can be completed at school.  The Library, for example, is open each morning at 8.05am and closes at 4.30pm as well as being open to students at lunch time. In addition, many departments will organise before school, after school and lunch time study sessions to help students with their studies.  For students who need more specialist help with their learning, the curriculum support centre is open every break, lunch time and after school until 4.30pm to give more one to one attention for students who need that level of support with their homework.

Teacher directed homework for Years 7-8 will be set as follows, with each homework lasting 20 minutes for Year 7 and 30 minutes for Year 8:

Year 7 - 8 Subjects Frequency
Core Subjects (English, Maths, Science, Languages) 2 per cycle
RS and Drama 1 per full term
All other subjects (History, Geography, Art, Music Technology, PE)1 per cycle 1 per cycle
A student should typically have between two to three pieces of homework to complete per day.

For Year 9, each examination subject studied, including RS, will set two homework’s per cycle taking about 40 minutes each.

For Years 10-11, each examination subject will set two homework’s per cycle taking about 60 minutes each.  For RS it will be one homework per half term.

Teacher directed homework is marked and graded by the teacher.

Teacher directed homework will be recorded in the student planner with the expected completion date.

Teacher directed homework is essential study and must be completed.  Students who fail to complete will be subject to sanction, including being requested to remain on site up until 4.30pm if necessary.  Failure to complete teacher directed homework damages educational success.  Parent/carer student support is, therefore, sought supporting the Academy ensuring that every student makes the maximum progress by completing their homework.

2. Independent Study Tasks

The Academy with the active support of parent/carers needs to encourage independent study skills in students as well as extending their subject knowledge beyond the confines of GCSE or GCE teaching.  Such skills are essential for adult life and are very important for the students who on leaving Ashmole will be seeking to transfer to University or Higher Education.

Independent study tasks will be set by the school.  There will be a choice of tasks available to the student who, with parent/carers help, will choose which task to complete.  The choice of tasks will come from all subject areas.  These tasks will involve research, investigation and presentation skills as well as encouraging initiative in study and a wider understanding and interest.  Independent study tasks enrich the student’s knowledge and learning.

Each student will be required to undertake on independent study task per half term.  The task should take about 1.5 hours to complete.

The task will be assessed by the student’s form tutor who will mark it in terms of presentation, quality of work and grammar/spelling.  A student may be required to give a presentation of the independent study to their form.

The independent study task will be recorded in the student planner.

All students are given A4 independent study books to complete their study tasks but the task will not always require a written response. It could include a visit or some sort of media display.

3. Additional Parental Supported Independent Study Tasks

Some parent/carers want the Academy to provide even more homework than that set.  The Academy keenly supports any parent/carer who wants additional homework.  However, such homework by necessity must be optional and a matter for the parent/carer and the student concerned.

These additional parent/carer supported tasks focus on literacy and numeracy skills across the curriculum.


The school has a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) called Firefly where you can find homework tasks and course outlines.

To view a guide to Ashmole Academy's Firefly system please click here.