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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Ashmole Academy have a catchment area?

No. When allocating places under the distance criteria, places are offered as far out as possible. The distance in any given year depends on the number of applicants who meet each of the oversubscription criteria. The number of siblings applying and proximity to the child’s home address are a significant part in this.

How many places are taken by the criteria Children with a Sibling at Ashmole Academy?

This can vary from year to year.  The numbers of places offered to children with a sibling at Ashmole Academy in each of the last three years were as follows.

            90 siblings in 2020             141 siblings in 2019             102 siblings in 2018

Can you apply to the Academy under the sibling criteria if you have a child at the primary school ?

No.  The sibling criteria for entry to the Academy relates only to siblings on roll at the Academy at the time of application. 

What was the distance reached last year?

The furthest distance on National Offer Day - 2nd March 2020 was 0.598 miles.

As of September 2020 the furthest distance offered for a Year 7 place is 0.645 miles - with an intake of 261 students.

Do Ashmole Primary School pupils receive automatic entry to the Academy ?

No but pupils on roll at Ashmole Primary School can apply under the 'Feeder School' criteria when they reach Year 6.  

When will the Year 6 pupils at Ashmole Primary first apply to Ashmole Academy ?

Ashmole Primary school pupils will apply from 1st September 2022 for entry in September 2023.

Can I apply to Ashmole if I live out of borough?

Yes.  You can apply from any borough but must submit your application online using the eAdmissions website.

How is my address measured?

The distance between the child’s home address and the Academy will be measured in a straight line between the address point for the child’s home, supplied by Ordnance Survey, to the school’s main gate using the Council’s computerised geographical information system.


What address should I use if the child lives part time with another parent?

The address must be the address where the child usually lives and from which the child attends primary school.

If I only want my child to come to Ashmole Academy should I only put one school on my application?

Ashmole does not guarantee any child a place (even siblings) and therefore advises parents to use all of their preferences on the eAdmissions form.

If I do not get a place for my child, can I appeal?

Yes. Details of the admissions appeal process are on the school website. You will be asked to provide the grounds for your appeal when doing so.

When are the appeals held?

Admission appeals for Year 7 intake are held towards the end of June.

Is it too late to apply for the ‘music’ for criteria?

The Musical Aptitude Tests and Audition process for entry September 2021 have already taken place and therefore it is not possible to apply under this criterion at this stage.

If I applied under ‘Musical Aptitude’ and was not ranked, can I still stay on the waiting list?

You must apply using the eAdmissions form to make an application. You will not automatically be placed on the school’s waiting list.

When will I know if my child has been successful under the Musical Aptitude criteria?

You will be notified by your local authority on National Offer Day about which school has been offered for your child.

When is National Offer Day?

National Offer Day for secondary schools is 1st March.

Can I request a prospectus from the school?

Yes, you can request a prospectus by emailing

Please state the contact name and address of whom you would like the prospectus sent to.