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Economics is offered at Key Stage 5.  Economics enables you to look more deeply into the world around you – how and why it functions the way it does.  It can also give you new perspectives on some of the most topical and challenging problems facing the world today.  During AS Level, students study both Micro and Macroeconomics, firstly looking at how work markets function as well as how they fail.  In addition to this, students explore macroeconomic targets and how different variables affect the ability of the government to meet the targets.  During A2 Level, students can investigate different market structures in more detail as well as evaluate the issues of and solutions to inequalities in the labour market.

Universities and employers regard economics as a 'numerate' discipline. Students typically go on to study Economics, Law, Management or other Business related courses.  Also students often study courses combined with a wide variety of other subjects such as History, Mathematics or a Language because of the strong logical base that the subject provides.

Grouping and Setting

Economics is only taught at Key Stage 5 and pupils are taught in mixed ability classes.


Students complete an interim and landmark assessment every half term.  Students are given feedback on their work based on both of these assessments and will be expected to complete improvement prompts based on these assessments, ensuring that they know how to improve their work.


In the Sixth Form we offer a variety of clubs introducing the Student Investor Challenge as well as an Economics Debate Club.