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Economics enables you to look more deeply into the world around you and understand how and why it functions the way it does.  It can also give you new perspectives on some of the most topical and challenging problems facing the world today.  

Universities and employers regard economics as a numerate discipline. Students typically go on to study Economics, Law, Management or other Business related courses.  Students often study courses combined with a wide variety of other subjects such as History, Mathematics or a Language because of the strong logical base that the subject provides.

Students can choose Economics A-Level (Edexcel) as an option in Year 12.

The Economics Curriculum at Ashmole Academy is underpinned by five subject specific curriculum pillars:

These pillars make explicit the purpose of studying Economics, including the knowledge and skills that students develop over time. 

The pillars are referred to in every lesson, enabling students to link new learning to what they already know and can do.



In the Sixth Form we offer a variety of clubs introducing the Student Investor Challenge as well as an Economics Debate Club.