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The Drama department at Ashmole seeks to embrace the talents of all students.  By providing opportunities for students to explore the roles of actor, director, script writer, designer and critic we endeavour to develop a life-long appreciation of Drama, Theatre and the Arts.

In Years 7 and 8 students learn about theatrical history; Greek theatre, Commedia dell’ Arte, Shakespeare, and Melodrama. In addition, they explore contemporary practices such as Physical Theatre and modern scripted plays. KS3 pupils are also given the opportunity to explore their own creativity through process Drama units which explore concepts such as alienation and conflict. Each unit aims to build upon the skills employed previously, enabling to develop these throughout the two years. These skills are also transferable and can be utilised in other subjects as well as in everyday life.

At KS4 students follow the AQA Drama syllabus which enables them to develop their own skills as Theatre makers.  During this course they work on units such as; Devising, Acting, Theatre in Education, and Physical Theatre. Through these units they develop an appreciation for theatre practitioners such as Konstantin Stanislavski and Bertolt Brecht as well as a wide range of others.

At KS4 pupils are teacher assessed on their development of Drama and Performance skills. They sit an external written examination at the end of the course which focuses on their analytical Drama skills, knowledge of a set text and understanding of live Theatre.

KS5 students build on their understanding from KS4 by becoming experts in the Stanislavski System and are introduced to a broader range of Theatre practitioners. They study a number of pre and post twentieth century plays considering their historical, political, social and cultural context through practical exploration.  In addition, they have the opportunity to participate in a number of performances to an external examiner both individually and as part of a group.

KS5 students follow the Eduqas (WJEC) syllabus.  Students’ contribution to practical exploration and controlled written assignments are assessed by the teacher.

Grouping & Setting

At KS3 pupils are taught in mixed ability classes and teachers assess their skills in developing, performing and evaluating Drama.  Drama is an option subject if students wish to continue at KS4.


There is a formal Landmark Assessment at the end of each half term, stored in assessment books.  Oral feedback is given each lesson to enable students to progress and this is logged in the students’ booklets.


The Drama department is also responsible for the annual School Production and we encourage participation from students from all year groups, either onstage or behind the scenes. There are also a number of theatre visits throughout the year for exam groups to participate in, giving them a wider understanding of live theatre. We encourage all students to visit the theatre and experience live Drama and enjoy hearing their reviews and recommendations.