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The school sells breakfast and other food at morning break and lunchtime. It is served on a cafeteria basis. Students choose their food and pay the correct sums at cash tills. They eat formal meals in the refectory though some prefer to eat in the courtyard in good weather.

Cost of the two course meal is £2.75 and the lunch times are now between 1.30pm-2.20pm. 

Students may bring sandwiches and eat them in the assembly hall during their allocated lunch times.

Healthy eating is encouraged and the new Food Standards are adhered to. Consequently, we do not sell crisps, chocolate and fizzy drinks and chips are served only once a week.

In addition, Healthy Eating is promoted through PSHE lessons and Technology. Therefore, we advise parents also to talk to their children about this matter so that they are able to select balanced meals (possibly) for the first time, and that parents support us in their provision of packed lunches.

Parents on Income Support can complete a form on entry to the school to claim free meals.