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Careers Days ​​​​​​​

We have a number of collapsed days where students do not attend timetabled lessons but instead focus on various aspects of their Career pathways and employability.  These include Year 10 Career Day where small groups of students engage with a range of business volunteers, discussing their own pathways and experiences.  In previous years there has been a wide range of business and industry volunteers from journalism, engineering, public services, architecture, civil service, media, creative industries and technology.   Students have found this one of the highlights of the year and feed back on how it has raised their aspirations.

Year 12 students enjoy a challenging Interview Day in December where they complete a full job application and interview with a range of business volunteers giving students a meaningful experience of the application process.  This involves students individually preparing for a job interview where they must produce their CV, cover letter and complete the application process.  In small groups, on the day they are interviewed by a business volunteer in front of their peers.  Each interviewee is fed back to and one is awarded ‘the job’ from each group.  This provides the students with useful experience of the recruitment process and many have fed back that it really helped them in real life applications and interviews.