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Business Studies


Business Studies provides students with knowledge of how the world of business operates.  In addition to knowing how to deal with finance, marketing, production and the human resource functions, students also look at how business operates with regard to central and local government, the EU and the importance of international trade.  Business Studies is a subject that requires imagination, together with a creative and inquisitive mind.  Business decisions are often open-ended; there may be more than one way of approaching problems.  Students investigate, analyse and interpret results in order to draw balanced conclusions. 

Students can choose Business Studies GCSE (Edexcel) as an option at the end of Year 9 and Business Studies A-Level (Edexcel) in Year 12.

The Business Studies Curriculum at Ashmole Academy is underpinned by four subject specific curriculum pillars:

These pillars make explicit the purpose of studying Business, including the knowledge and skills that are developed over time.

The pillars are referred to in every lesson, enabling students to link new learning to what they already know and can do.


The Business Studies Department ensures that students gain practical experience of the business world, through industrial visits.  Visits in the past have included Coca-Cola and Thorpe Park.  In the Sixth Form we offer a variety of clubs introducing the Student Investor Challenge