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sixth form


Why Choose Business A Level


What will you learn?

By studying Business A-level, you will develop an enquiring, critical and thoughtful approach to the study of business and develop your understanding of the context in which they operate and the markets they serve. You will do this by exploring a range of real business scenarios, including ethical dilemmas and responsibilities faced by organisations and individuals to make recommendations that businesses should take to achieve their objectives.

The business course has four main themes:

  • Marketing and People
  • Managing Business Activities
  • Business Decisions and Strategy
  • Global Business


Within theme 1, Marketing and People, our students explore how businesses identify opportunities and focus on developing a competitive advantage with their customers and how they recruit, train and motivate their employees whilst taking the role of a leader.

Theme 2 looks at Managing Business Activities, in this theme the students explore the finance and operations functions and investigate external influences on businesses from various business sectors and environments in a local, national and global context.

In theme 3 our students develop their understanding of the concepts introduced in theme 2 and explore various influences on business strategy and decision making. Our students learn and understand how to analyse corporate objectives and strategy against financial and non-financial performance measures and how businesses grow.

In theme 4 our students develop their understanding of the business concepts introduced in all of the themes, making cross connections in order to further investigate businesses that trade on a global scale and exploring their reasons for doing so.

Business behaviour can be studied from a range of perspectives. We teach our students relevant business and generic skills, including numerical skills, decision making, problem solving, the challenge of assumptions and critical analysis for them to generate enterprising and creative approaches for business opportunities, problems and issues.

Why study Business at Ashmole Sixth Form?

The Business department at Ashmole are all passionate about the subject and dedicated to ensuring student success. All of our teachers have degrees in different aspects of Business and have experience working in different industry backgrounds. We will provide our students with real business scenarios, keeping them up to date with current business affairs and enhancing their understanding of the business world.

Students will have access to a free online textbook, as well as many resources on Firefly. We will continually provide updated reading lists for students to widen their knowledge on current affairs and understanding of topics taught. Students will also be guided through a range of past papers, and offered support throughout their course to ensure they are fully prepared for their final paper.

Which subjects go well with Business?

Business goes well with Humanities subjects such as Politics, Geography or History as students are required to analyse, evaluate, present and communicate across these subjects. However, as there is a quantitative element to the course, studying Maths will help students develop a good understanding of data interpretation and application which will enable students to showcase their numerical skills for undergraduate courses in the future such as Finance, Economics, Accounting and Management.

Where will it lead you?

Students can progress from studying Business A level to Higher Education courses such as Business Management, Business Administration, Accountancy and Finance, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Retail Management, Tourism Management, and International Business.

After that, graduates typically work in a diverse range of fields, including but not limited to, careers such as Banking, Sales, Product Management and General Management to working in public sector organisations or charities.