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Attendance and Lateness


Regular and punctual attendance is required. In all cases of absence a letter from the student’s parent or carer giving the dates of absence and reason should be brought by the student on returning to School. This should be handed by the student to the Form Tutor.

Parents are asked to telephone the school each day of their child’s absence before 10am. If no such message is received, parents/carers will be sent a text message informing them that their child is not in school. On the child’s return to school, they should bring a note from the parent/carer explaining the reason for absence. The school will not authorise holidays in term time.


Students arriving late for any reason must sign in before going to lessons. Frequent lateness is unacceptable; offenders will be required to make up lost time after school this system is very closely monitored by the Learning Mentors, Form Tutors and Assistant Head Teachers.