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sixth form

Ann - Royal Holloway University of London, Politics and IR



Date attended Ashmole:   1998 - 2004

A Levels:  English, Economics, Politics

University:  Royal Holloway, University of London

Course:   Politics & International Relations






What are you doing now?

Innovation Consultant - Resourcing at Barclays Bank Plc.

What did/do you get involved with at university?

I worked with the Student Welfare Office to support their services for students with disabilities and dyslexia.

What did you find most valuable about your experiences at Ashmole Academy? What skills did it help you to develop?

Passion for learning and being challenged; I remember the lessons I enjoyed the most were the ones where the teachers were incredibly enthusiastic and always persistent that we could do better.  It has really taught me to embrace being out of my comfort zones in work and not to be afraid of new opportunities that arise.

What top tips would you give to other students wishing to follow a similar career to yours?

It’s all about building relationships, networking and communication skills.

How did Ashmole help you reach your goals?

Being stretched with 10-11 GCSEs!  This laid the foundations to having solid academics that enabled me to grow and do what I wanted post 16.

Anything else you would like to tell us about yourself.

I generally had some very hard moments to overcome in my teenage years.  At times of real lows, I always remember fondly the teachers who supported and believed in my potential at Ashmole.  Without the continuous encouragement for my studies, and to work hard, I might not have received the opportunities that I did for work experience.

Please write a quote that sums up your experience at Ashmole.

 ‘Teachers at Ashmole were incredibly supportive, not just for learning but perhaps more importantly, continual self-development and a confidence for the future’.