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Aims, Values & Ethos

Ashmole Academy has a commitment to learning.  We recognise the uniqueness of every learner.  We are passionate about offering the best education for our pupils and work in partnership with parents, carers and the local community. We have a set of six values that underpin all that we stand for in the school.  These are Endeavour, Reflection, Professionalism, Responsibility, Respect and Co-operation.  They show the emphasis we place on Achievement, Behaviour and Community, collectively known as the “ABC of Excellence”.
Our teachers and support staff understand how to develop students to perform to the best of their ability.  Our ambition is to bring vision, energy, very high expectations and enthusiasm for all within an inspiring curriculum.  This curriculum will continue to evolve to meet the needs of a dynamic society, and incorporative innovative approaches to teaching and learning.
High standards of discipline and behaviour are established and maintained to ensure a safe working environment for all, which in turn enables very high aspirations for all of our students. We have a culture that celebrates achievement in all areas and encourages pupils to risk take, developing their independence in a stimulating and nurturing environment.
We provide a school community, which is rich in resources and diversity, where all are able to work together to achieve their personal best. We have a proud academic tradition that maximises every learning opportunity to shape our students future.
We are proud to create a caring and friendly environment where students and staff feel valued.  Our ambition is for all students to develop to their fullest potential in all areas of school in order to prepare them to become active, respectful citizens of the future.
Ashmole Academy values the positive atmosphere generated and aims to instil a lifelong love for learning and strong grounding for future success.

"Senior leaders, trustees and governors are clear about the school’s core mission." Ofsted 2021

Values Education 

At Ashmole every individual is valued for who they are and what they contribute to the school. Values Education supports the personal and social development of every pupil through the school. The Ashmole Values are Endeavour, Reflection, Professionalism, Responsibility, Respect and Co-operation.

The A B C of “Excellence”

Achievement and Aspirations

We celebrate students who aspire to be the best that they can be. They work hard, aim high and aspire to do their best in every aspect of their school life. They reflect on their success and respond positively to feedback given.

Students demonstrate this through displaying:

  • Endeavour         (resilience, perseverance, adaptability, endurance, determination)
  • Reflection          (reviewing, responding positively to feedback)

Behaviour and Presentation

We celebrate students who demonstrate excellent behaviour at all times. Students should meet all deadlines, complete all work to the best of their ability, and present themselves in a smart, courteous and polite manner. They take ownership of their actions.

Students demonstrate this through:

  • Professionalism (meeting deadlines, being courteous and polite, looking presentable)
  • Responsibility    (honesty, accountability, ownership, pride)

Community and Relationships

We celebrate students who are active members of the Ashmole and wider community and who build positive relationships. They should work well as a team, work collectively and co-operate to help and support each other.

Students demonstrate this through:

  • Respect            (tolerance, patience, understanding, empathy, kindness)
  • Co-operation      (collaboration, teamwork, support)

At Ashmole Academy we aim to:

Maximise Achievement

  • promote excellence in all teaching;
  • demand the best from each student in every area of school life;
  • foster personal qualities of hard work, determination and  initiative;
  • value success and achievement, and challenge underachievement;
  • encourage the development of lively and enquiring minds;

Provide a School Fit for the 21st Century

  • provide a broad and balanced education for each student;
  • help each student to develop the skills to continue to learn throughout life, including communication skills, numeracy, IT capability, problem solving and the ability to work with others;
  • appreciate the international and technological nature of human relationships in the 21st century;
  • provide a learning environment fit for teaching in the 21st century in a school which is at the forefront of good educational practice;
  • provide a sixth form centre for its senior students offering a wide range of academic and vocational courses.

 Develop Civic Responsibility and Community Involvement

  • respect the cultural diversity of our society;
  • build relationships within school upon trust, understanding, tolerance, care, consideration, respect and responsibility for oneself and others;
  • provide opportunities for students to develop self discipline, initiative and responsibility, and to contribute to society;
  • develop a working partnership with the local community and business;
  • develop a working partnership with parents, which involves them fully in the education of their children.

Provide a Scientifically Rich Learning Environment

  • To help students become scientifically well informed citizens so that they can contribute to environmental and ethical debates in a world in which the influence of science is constantly increasing;
  • To develop science, mathematics and other curriculum opportunities within the school so that students of all abilities can understand the range and possibilities of the subject for informed career choices;
  • To make extensive use of technology to increase learning and to develop skills that will prepare our young people for independent life-long learning;
  • To create resources that will extend the knowledge and experience of our science and mathematics students so that their attainments in core areas will improve;
  • To raise standards of achievement in the science subjects and mathematics for all students across the ability range, and to increase post 16 participation in science and mathematics;
  • To increase an appreciation of modern technology through the development of a range of teaching resources for use by Ashmole and its partner schools;
  • To develop enthusiasm among our students to give them the confidence to compete in scientific and mathematical challenges;
  • To provide leadership and support to our partner schools that can enable them to initiate and develop an appreciation of science opportunities by enhancing their access to scientific and ICT  resources;
  • To establish relationships with professional organisations, including local businesses, with resources and expertise that we can draw upon to improve our perceptions of the uses of science;
  • To provide a centre for scientific activities for the use of members of the local community;