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Caroline Green author visit

Author Caroline Green worked with our Gifted and Talented pupils over the course of a half term. Students practised developing creative writing skills. At the end of the workshop students shared their work with Caroline Green, their peers and staff.

Carnegie Shadowing Group

Students shadowed the Carnegie book list over the course of the half term. Students met regularly and discussed the books read. The end of the course was celebrated with an event held in the library at the end of the course during which the winning author of the Carnegie Prize was announced.

World Book Day

The Year 7s and 8 were invited by our Librarian and the English Department to an event in the library during which we celebrated the pleasures of reading. English teachers dressed up as their favourite famous book characters and read an extract from the book. Students guessed which character their teachers were impersonating. There was a variety of activities on display for students to engage with.

Nagra Visit

The Year 12s had an opportunity to participate in a 'meet and greet' with the poet Nagra who visited our school and delivered a seminar on his poems.

Tempest Theatre Trip

The Year 12s saw a modern, reduced version of the Tempest at the Southwark theatre. This helped enhance their understanding of the play and the different ways in which it can be staged to reflect changing attitudes in our society,

Poetry Festival

An annual event for Year 7 during which parents and staff were invited to watch the Year 7s perform poems they had themselves composed.