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Jaffa Cake Workshop

On Monday 12th March, 25 Year 10 students including myself took part in the Jaffa Cake Workshop. The hour-long seminar was conducted by a representative of the University of Law. He taught us about the different ways that law is practised. On top of this, he told us about the progression of law from degree level and onwards. We also learnt the key differences between solicitors and barristers in terms of what each role entails. This all built up to our re-enactment of the famous Jaffa Cake debate. Half of us argued that Jaffa Cakes are cakes while the other half argued that they are biscuits. After all the arguments and counter arguments, the speaker came to the decision that they are indeed cakes! All in all, this was a thoroughly enjoyable experience that gave us all a deeper insight into the world of law.
Layo Akinola 10/S2