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sixth form

Year 12 Visit to the Whittington Hospital


On Tuesday the 26th of June, four others and I went to Whittington Hospital to develop our skills and understanding in emergency procedures. Upon arrival, we learnt more about the NHS and the influence of nurses on the running of wards. We explored the difficulties of working in the healthcare sector, but also learnt about the rewarding aspect of it.

After hearing from a variety of different nurses, we learnt about the different ways in which to help people in emergencies. These ranged from what to do when someone is going through a cardiac arrest, to what to do when someone is having an allergic reaction to a particular food. Whilst learning these, we were able to practise on dummies, which helped us to understand what to do even further. Aside from the emergency aspects of healthcare, we learnt about how to take blood pressure, and practised key skills such as hand washing.

The day not only helped us to learn more aspects of healthcare such as emergency skills, but also provided an insightful view into the realities of healthcare, the problems that may arise and how to deal with them.

Berivan Year 12