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New Street Watch Scheme Update

The school has been working with the local community in trying to make Southgate a safe place for students when they go home from school.  In September a new initiative was launched called Street Watch. One of our parents, Dionne John has worked very hard in setting the scheme up, by working with politicians, local businesses, and police and her work must be commended.

Street Watch is a community patrol initiative, which has a proven track record of working well in other London boroughs. The Police-backed scheme brings people together to help make the streets safer for everyone.

The scheme involves volunteers wearing high visibility vests, ID badges and walking around their local streets in pairs to help provide visible reassurance and report any concerns to the Police.

The scheme has already established a good group of volunteers who have made successful patrols in the Southgate area.  Some of the patrols have also been in coordination with the Police being present.

In addition to this, we have been educating the students on how to keep safe in Southgate.  All the local businesses now belong to a WhatsApp group, so they communicate with each other if there are any concerns.  All students can approach any of the local businesses for help should they need it.

The scheme is still looking for more volunteers to help increase the patrols.  To help with the scheme and for more details please email Dionne John on:

We would like to thank Dionne for her help and support.