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IBM Visit

Last term, students from Year 12 and 13 went to the South Bank for the IBM Industry Day.  It was a day organised by both IBM and Young Professionals to give students a greater understanding of the options we have and the different routes into work. The morning consisted of three talks, each from different employees of IBM at different stages of their career:  One was from someone who joined straight out of secondary school, on an apprenticeship scheme, one joined after university and one on a placement year, each detailing the type of work they do now and how they got their job at IBM.  I found the day to be really useful as not only did we get an insight into what IBM does and what a job there involves, but we also got to see the range of options we have for the future and how many opportunities we as young people have available to us.  Young Professionals is an app that partners with a wide range of companies, like IBM, to offer young people access to jobs, work experience and apprenticeships, giving them more options for the future.

Rianna – 12/S1