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Carnegie Medal Winner Celebration

It is an absolute pleasure to announce that our very own ‘Carnegie Medal Winner’ celebration, which took place on Tuesday 18th June 2019, was a complete success.

The 2019 shortlisted books were again testimony to the fact that all good books engage with human rights. Themes of justice, truth and freedom emerged in all the novels, which created the basis for our students to participate in insightful and intellectual discussions and produce book reviews of an outstanding and remarkable quality.

Prizes were given on the day for ‘Best Reviews’, ‘Best Readers’ and ‘Best Presentations’. There were also prizes for students who correctly guessed the Carnegie Winner novel and a varied selection of quizzes relating to the shortlisted books.

The official winner this year went to American writer, Elizabeth Acevedo, for her powerful and emotionally impactful novel ‘The Poet X’. The novel is written in free verse and follows the protagonist’s emotional journey through vividly exploring culture, faith and family. The book was one of our favourites and we very highly recommend it.

The celebration was magnificent!  I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all the students who attended, participated and contributed to the presentations, discussions and reviews, not just on the day but throughout the entirety of the Carnegie shadowing this year. 

Amparo Pascual de Riquelme