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Year 10 Trip to Christ Church College Oxford

Ashmole recently had the opportunity to send ten Year 10 students to Christ Church college, and fortunately after writing an application, I was one of those students. We had to get to school at 7:45 in the morning and after a prompt briefing, we left for Oxford.

Upon arriving, we were stunned by the sheer beauty of the college, but were quickly brisket away to a lecture hall. After having participated in a lecture, where we learnt about the standard life in a university and the various ways Oxford teaches their students, we had what I would say was the most impressive experience of the day - eating in the 'Hogwarts' hall.

Following this magnificent lunch, we then attended three seminars, where we were taught by expert researchers, studying in Christ Church. The first was about neuroscience, where we observed the correlation between electrical impulses in our muscles and strength (and witnessed an epic arm wrestle). Then was geography - whereby we hypothesised how Oxford could be mountainous. Finally, was biology, where we experimented with evolution and created our own species.

As our trip began to come to a close, we had a final tour of the college, seeing the Jabberwocky tree, the eponymous church tower and the fountain in the courtyard with a plethora of halbert fish. It was all in all a great experience and I know all of us thoroughly enjoyed it!

Jack 10/J2