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Year 11 Trip -Christ Church College, Oxford

This trip gave me the opportunity to visit one of the Oxford colleges, speak to undergraduate students and take part in a workshop at a museum. I thought speaking to the students gave me a good insight into what university life is really like. They also offered tips on how to apply to Oxford, choosing the right college, food and accommodation. The museum workshop was really enjoyable – we were taught about anthropology (something I had never heard of) which explores how humans used to live through the study of old artefacts. For example, we were hown a rattle and a wooden jar, from which we deduced what people ate! The
skills required for this were observation and inference. Overall, I felt the trip was of value to me
because I got a feel of university life, as well as how to apply. I could also compare it to Cambridge, which I visited last year.

Preena  Year 11