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sixth form

Seminar Learning

“The high level of support and motivation I gained from my experience at Ashmole 6th form is the reason I could take the next steps in my education and career.” Y13 student


Seminar Learning

As part of the ‘pre-undergraduate phase’ of education, Ashmole has recently introduced Seminar Learning into the Sixth Form. Seminar Learning is based on round-the-table discussion between small groups of students, in which peer-to-peer dialogue is emphasised alongside conversation with the teacher. Seminar-style lessons will take place across all subjects over the course of the year, focusing on leadership, collaboration and constructive discussion, thereby supporting the development of those intellectual and social skills required of our students.

As students become more familiar, and in turn more confident, with discussing in a group, the topics of those discussions will tend towards many of the higher level concepts being explored in their A-Levels. This will ultimately enable them to be more successful in their examinations and better prepare them higher education.