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sixth form

Emel - Singer/Artist/Author, AVCE Art



Date attended Ashmole:  1995 - 2001

A Levels: Art, Drama

University:  None

Course:  AVCE Art











What are you doing now?

I am a full time singer, artist and recently established author who will be publishing a poetry book.

What did you find most valuable about your experiences at Ashmole Academy? What skills did it help you to develop?

I was really pushed to enhance on all my artistic skills.  My Art teacher could see the love I had for art.  My artistic flair was pushed ever more so, and she encouraged me to explore all types of media.  I am now still painting, illustrating and have used these in writing my poetry book of Wellbeing.  ‘A few words and a million questions’.

My English teacher opened my eyes to new ways of writing my paperwork and all assignments.  She developed my attention to detail, and the love for Poetry ‘Anthology’.  I fell in love with poetry.  She helped us depict the meaning behind each piece, giving me an insight that through words, great imagery can be created.  This then led to helping me write music! I became a poet and a songwriter, understanding this formula of writing with expression.

What top tips would you give to other students wishing to follow a similar career to yours?

If you feel that you want to follow an art, go with the intention that you can do it.  Find out who, research your ambassadors, idols and find out how they did it.  Write out your goals literally on a piece of paper with all the things you (a) want to do, (b) how you can and (c) why then start planning the way you can be the best you can be in that field, whether it is as an Artist, Musician or Author.

How did Ashmole help you reach your goals? 

They were able to develop with much encouragement to be unique and find ways to bring out my confidence in each field/subject I was good at.  Even in the subjects where I was at my weakest, each teacher had a different way of teaching. This dynamic was just as important.  I recognised it and made me feel important to them.

I knew that with practice and much nurturing, with a push I can achieve anything!  I became a very confident English student with a newfound love for English because of Poetry (Shakespeare).  Drama brought out my love of stage and performance.  Art kept my passion for painting and illustrating which I now still do, and have also commissioned portraits for clients.

Anything else you would like to tell us about yourself.

Being a quiet individual in school, I relied on wanting to make friends and trying to fit in.  I soon realised that the best thing for me was to not worry about that so much, and be myself.  I then found my way into friendships with whom I am still connected.  Even with a busy schedule, I make time to stay in contact.  The secret is... Be you, find your own dynamic crew and remember that the aim is to enjoy yourself in school as well as working on all the best parts of you.

Please write a quote that sums up your experience at Ashmole.

‘Ashmole’s facilities have allowed me to achieve my full potential, learning more about my skills, alongside the excellent teaching’.