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sixth form

Work Experience and Volunteering

As a potential doctor, dentist or veterinarian, it is vital that you show commitment to this area of work, compassion and that you are sure that this career path is right for you. This is where work experience and volunteering come in.

Work experience is important in order to get a feel for the vocational path you wish to follow. Whilst many universities understand it is difficult to obtain work experience, some work in the healthcare profession is important.

Our students have gained a range of work experience throughout the years, most have arranged themselves which demonstrates tenacity, particularly if you do not have any work experience links yourself.


Volunteering demonstrates long term commitment, this may be at a club, for example Rainbows or Cubs, at a care home, at a centre to support those with disabilities or a charity shop. This will develop your communication skills and help to understand the importance of working with a team.