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sixth form


Living in a tumultuous world with an ever-changing political landscape, students can look forward to exploring the processes, practices, roles and ideologies within British and American Political systems.

What will you learn?

Our curriculum examines British politics, US politics and the key political ideologies meaning our students will have a sound knowledge of political systems as well as the theories underpinning it.  

Students will understand the nature of the political systems, how they have developed and be able to judge their effectiveness and fairness in the 21st century.

Our students will develop their own political opinions and be able to form conclusions on past and current events.

This course offers exciting opportunities for debate and demands clear, analytical and evaluative thinking.

The aims are:

  • To provide students with knowledge of the processes and practices of Government in the UK and put it into context by comparison with the Government of the USA.
  • To explain the roles of the Prime Minister, Cabinet and Parliament and allow students to understand the way that law-making is carried out.
  • To root current political ideas within a tradition of ideological debate.
  • To develop students’ skills of argument and explanation in areas where debate and communication are important.

Students will sit three exam papers at the end of the two-year course.

This will be 100% of their overall grade.

  • Component 1: UK Politics Written exam, 2 hours
  • Component 2: UK Government Written exam, 2 hours
  • Component 3: Comparative Politics Written exam, 2 hours

Why study Politics at Ashmole?

There has never been a more fascinating time to study politics.  The Politics team is passionate and excited about this brand new course. 

As the voting age nears, students will be able to gain a deeper understanding of the political world around them enabling wider political engagement.  It is through politics that many important questions are answered, and challenges, both local and global, are addressed – including human rights, poverty, equality, and welfare, many of which will impact us all; students, teachers and our communities.  Students will bring this knowledge and these skills into their adult life and will help them understand the decisions made around them and the decision they themselves will make.

What subjects go well with Politics?

Politics lies at the heart of Humanities and would complement all other subjects within the faculty.  There are however, clear cross curricula and synoptic links with Sociology, History, Economics and Philosophy.

Where will this lead you?

Politics traditionally leads to the study of Political Science, however, it prepares students well for the study of any arts or humanities subject at university. It is useful for careers in the Civil Service, law, the foreign office, finance, commerce and any job that requires employees to have a strong political understanding and an ability to communicate persuasively.