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Old Sixth Form Curriculum


Ashmole Academy offers students the chance to continue their education in an outstanding school.

“...standards in sixth form are outstanding. Students value the excellent guidance and support they receive from subject teachers and tutors. This very effective partnership of teachers and students working together
is at the heart of high attainment in the sixth form.”


Ashmole provides an environment in which students can thrive. When students apply for a place in the Sixth Form it is a demonstration of their desire to continue their education in a school where excellence is a habit. All Post 16 courses require the student’s whole hearted commitment in order to achieve the best possible result. The school is proud that so many of its students in Year 11 will seek to return to the Sixth Form.

General Advice

When considering Post 16 courses, parents/carers and students need to take into account the student’s intended career pathway. As most students seek to go to higher education, university course entry requirements need to be considered when choosing 'A' level courses.

The Sixth Form Curriculum Structure

Ashmole’s Post 16 curriculum is for A-Level courses only.

A Level Programme

This programme is designed for those students who have achieved high success at GCSE and plan to follow their A level programme by securing a place at university or other higher educational institutions.

  • Students are required to study a minimum of three A Levels for the duration of 6th Form. The most able, if they wish to study four A Levels may do so.

Progression from Year 12 into Year 13 is dependent upon students  sitting an internal end of year examination which has to be passed before continuing into Year 13.

The Sixth Form Curriculum 

The subject choices available are:

Art and Design
Drama and Theatre Studies
English Literature
Further Maths
Product Design
Media Studies
Physical Education
Religion, Philosophy and Ethics


PSHE work in the Sixth Form builds upon the Years 7 to 11 programme. Careers work emphasises progression either through the development of understanding of UCAS procedures, advice regarding Further Education or opportunities in employment. Students participate in an Interview Skills programme and a number of other activities of importance to young people.

For more detailed information on Post 16 subjects please click here


The large number of new computers, tables and comfortable seats help to aid our learning and create a positive work ethic amongst the students. Having a brand new building with such advanced technology and facilities really does have an impact on the learning and general attitudes we have towards our school and education. This is vital at this point in our lives and educational careers, especially for the 6th Form students at Ashmole who have high aspirations of going to university and preparing for the great future ahead of us.


                                                                                  Sophia Karydis Head Girl