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Old Dress Code

Post 16 students are student leaders in a school community.  Their dress and appearance must therefore be appropriate to support and encourage the ethos of the school and the uniform and appearance policies in operation in Years 7 to 11.

Post 16 students are not required to wear uniform but must dress appropriately for school in a casual but smart manner.They should remember that:

  1. Tracksuits are banned.
  2. Wearing hats indoors is forbidden.
  3. Hooded clothing may only be worn with the hood up in extreme weather conditions and not in the building.
  4. Wearing football shirts or scarves is not allowed.
  5. Inappropriate slogans must not be worn on clothing.
  6. Jeans and trousers are to be smart and without rips or holes.
  7. Outdoor coats must be removed when in the buildings.
  8. Shorts are not appropriate for school.
  9. Skirts and tops for girls should be of an appropriate style and length.

Appearance is required to be smart and in line with the main school Years 7 to 11. Specifically:

  1. Boys' hair should be neat and tidy of uniform length (i.e. without a ‘step’ or patterns cut in it), not cropped, shaven or dyed.Cult or eccentric styles are not permitted.
  2. To create a clear distinction between staff and students boys should be clean shaven.Boys who choose for religious reasons to grow a beard may do so if granted permission by the Head Teacher providing that the growth is of stubble length.
  3. Girls' hair should be neat and tidy, avoiding outrageous or cult styles or obvious colourings.
  4. Body piercings and tattoos are not acceptable.Apart from the ears, no other visible body piercing is allowed, except one small discrete nose stud.
  5. Headscarves that cover the hair for religious reasons are permitted. Following consultation, and for reasons of health & safety and to enable interaction in teaching and learning, face veils are not permitted.

Any request to outwardly manifest a religious/cultural observance which is not expressly covered by this policy should be made to the Head Teacher.  Any such request will be carefully considered taking into account the school’s obligations under the Equality Act 2010.