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sixth form

Mimi - King’s College London, Dentistry



Date attended Ashmole:  2014 - 2016

A Levels:  Maths, Chemistry, Biology

University:  King’s College London

Course:  Dentistry

Graduating:  2021





What are you doing now?

I am currently a second year dental student at King’s College London.  This year, we have started the clinical aspects of dentistry, we have weekly sessions working on the phantom heads, learning to restore teeth, perform root canal treatments, as well as periodontal (gum) treatments.  This is supplemented by lectures and tutorials. We also study Biomedical Sciences and Radiology.  This is all in preparation of getting us ready to treat our first patient in the summer term of second year.

What have you got involved with at university?

I recently trained to become a peer supporter, a service where we offer students the chance to talk to one of their fellow peers in a comfortable environment.  I also volunteer with a scheme called Saving Londoners’ Lives, which involves going to schools and teaching children/young people first aid skills.  In addition, I am taking part in the BeActive programme, which is a social and recreational sport programme, there is a range of different sessions running every day and the one I enjoy the most is swimming in the London Aquatics Centre at the Olympic Park.

What did you find most valuable about your experiences at Ashmole Academy? What skills did it help you to develop?

During my two years in the Sixth Form at Ashmole, I got the chance to listen to a number of external speakers, including a Nobel Prize winner, it was opportunities like this that allowed me to enhance my learning beyond the classroom.  I also found the support from teachers and staff very beneficial, they allowed me to develop my independent study skills, whilst always remaining approachable and willing to help.

What did you find most useful about the MedSoc programme?

The MedSoc programme was an invaluable part of my success into dental school. There was support offered at every step of the application process, from admission tests to personal statement to interviews.  Talks by current medical/dental students provided advice and tips from someone who has gone through the process before.  We also had healthcare professionals come in and speak to us, giving me an insight into inspiring new innovations and technologies, plus the broad range of career options available.

What advice would you give to someone planning to apply for a Dentistry/Medicine degree?

It is going to be difficult! There are many hurdles to pass, which is why it is so important to establish a good work-life balance.  Always remember to give yourself time to rest and recharge, find a hobby you are passionate about and keep at it, it will help you to manage the heavy workload in university and having something there to take your mind off things will come in tremendously helpful.

Anything else you would like to tell us about yourself.

King’s College London Dental Institute recently hosted the Celebrity MasterChef mass catering challenge, where the celebrities were tasked with cooking lunch for 120 staff and students and I was lucky enough to attend!