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Insight into Investment Banking - Lazard & Co Ltd


The Lazard Insight day was an invaluable experience that completely debunked all the typical investment banker stereotypes that were initially putting me off following that career path.(e.g. minimal job security, late hours etc), thus motivating me to steer my career destination back onto the investment banking path. During the day we had an incredibly informative talk with the managing director of Lazard, showing us what the company is about and the benefits of working there, making it, in my eyes, a very attractive profession to go into. In addition, we engaged in multiple talks with the analysts at Lazard, getting one on one advice on the best ways to get into the industry which was incredibly helpful. We finished of the day with a talk and Q&A from the CEO of Lazard London, the insights he gave about the investment banking industry were invaluable to us. He has been involved in the industry for many years and gave us a personal standpoint about this job sector. Overall the day was incredibly informative and enjoyable and has definitely impacted on my future aspirations.

Jack 12/N1

The Lazard trip was arguably the best day trip I’ve had since I have been at Ashmole. Everyone at the company was so kind, I felt comfortable despite the fact that I did not know most people there. The activities we engaged in were really informative and interesting. We kicked things off with lunch which gave us a chance to ask the many questions we had in our minds regarding investment banking. In addition, we had multiple lecture style sessions with senior people in the company as well as having tea and cakes with postgraduate employees which was a feel good experience since they aren’t much older than us but are already settled into their jobs after university. Overall, I had a really valuable experience and I now have so much more knowledge in the field of investment banking: what they do, what their everyday life looks like and the different ways in which you it is possible to enter the field.

Michael 12/N1