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Careers Education starts from Year 7 and is provided through a number of specialist lessons, collapsed days, tutorials, assemblies, projects and experiences.

Careers is first introduced to students in Year 7, as they reflect on their achievements to date and start examining career literacy and future pathways. Throughout each year at Ashmole there are engaging lessons and a range of opportunities to help all students make informed decisions about their future.  Key to these decisions and advice is Unifrog, the complete destinations platform for all our students.  Year 7 students set up their Unifrog accounts in the autumn term and start to explore the platform.

In Year 8 PSHE lessons, students identify their own strengths and areas for development and explore how to develop employability skills for the modern workplace. 

Year 8 develop their Unifrog profile further by completing both the Interests and Personality profile quizzes which are based on the Myers-Briggs and John Holland psychometric testing as well as the work environments quiz which enables Unifrog to tailor guidance to each individual student.  Year 8 start to look ahead towards key stage 4 decisions and learn about the various pathways ahead, both academic and vocational, specifically apprenticeships.

In the Summer Term, Year 8 also enjoy an environmentally-themed Enterprise Day where they work in groups to plan, design and present an idea in response to a specific business brief. 

Year 9 continue their exploration of Careers including assessing the various pathways ahead, career-related literacy and labour market information. Unifrog allows students to make informed decisions for key stage 4 and start looking ahead to the various decisions at 16 as well as starting to record how they have strengthened their own employability skills and competencies.

Parents/Carers are encouraged to work alongside students with their Unifrog profile so they can make informed decisions on their futures.  

In addition to Careers-related PSHE lessons and further Unifrog training, Year 10 have an Employability day where students learn about the rapidly changing world of work, have face to face meaningful encounters with a wide range of employers, practise their interview technique and start to plan their CVs as well as developing financial literacy.

Students enjoy a full week’s work experience in the summer term where the vast majority find their own placement.  Students in Key stage 4 benefit from a specialist external apprenticeships agency presentation on post 16 and 18 apprenticeships pathways.

Students may also benefit from specialist advice from an external fully qualified careers and pathways advisor from year 11 to 13.  This is delivered by the School buying in independent qualified Careers Advisers and through our links with Higher Education and Business Sectors.

In addition, individual mentoring from senior staff throughout Key Stage 4 and 5 supports students with their post 16 and 18 decisions.

For Year 12 students, a highlight is the Interview Skills Day in December where students apply for a fictional job and have an interview with a range of employers.  This is an extremely enjoyable and challenging day for students offering them encounters with a range of business volunteers from varied businesses and industries.  

By Year 12, students will be fully able to utilise Unifrog in their search for potential careers, various academic and vocational courses, universities, developing their CVs, drafting personal statements, enrichment activities, online courses (MOOCs) amongst other features.   

Additionally, Year 12 have a series of tutorials in Term 1 which focus on employability skills, work experience and self-branding.

The Firefly Careers page provides a range of supporting careers related materials including Unifrog training videos, labour market information, careers events and opportunities and support in finding work experience.  These include a wide variety of virtual work experience opportunities for students from Year 8 to 13. 

Furthermore, at each key stage, information evenings for students and parents, enable students to be informed about their choices and the career pathways open to them. 

The Careers staff can access and manage Unifrog and ensure students are maximising what is has to offer and constantly evaluates how it is being used.

There are regular student evaluations on collapsed days and PSHE lessons and tutor sessions. 

The Careers Leader ensures that the school works towards surpassing the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks.

The Careers lead at Ashmole Academy is: Mr Louca

If you would like further details on the Career Programme, please contact Mr Louca on 020 8361 2703 (ext 2221) or via email using 

More information and guidance for provider access can be found in our careers policy. 

The next annual review of the Careers provision and policy will take place in April 2024.