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Welcome to the BBC School News Report at Ashmole Academy 2014

We are happy to say that we have been able to compete in this project for the second year running; once again we are pleased to report that the turnout has been positive.

News articles are often sorted into generic categories, ranging from weather to the gossip arising from the mystery that many celebrities shroud themselves in. However, they can all be surmised underneath one general title: concern. This is reflected in the range of newspaper articles written by Ashmoleans, that were written voluntarily, which contrasts the perceptions of teenagers (a topic which is outlined further by the article “Being Inbetween”). Under the title ‘concern’ fit a variety of further issues such as the outcome of excess amounts of fast food restaurants to the relationship between gender stereotypes and children’s toys.

The media playing such a large role in the daily lives of teenagers is possibly as a result of the many means of access to it, a topic described in “Technology Trepidation”.

Education- The means of which these reports have written, and almost in gratitude have three response articles been written; “Homecoming”, which discusses the relation between American and English schools- Should British schools be inspired by the trademark traits of an American school by adopting the traditions specified in movies?

On the opposite end of the school spectrum, there are discussions about Nursery Education, featuring a story from a north London mother, and how her daughter was a victim of not being given a place. Or  should two-year olds even be in nursery!?

After reading about the two ends of the school spectrum, one must consider the centre- ‘Middle school’ as some may call it, and the responsibilities that are entailed, such as the pressures of studying (which is a topic further developed by one of our articles) and how we are incessantly reminded that the work we do now- Changes our future.

Thank you to all of our writers, our support staff and to all those who diligently worked to make this happen, and lastly thank you, the reader of Ashmole Academy’s BBC Schools News Report 2014.

Emily (Year 10) 

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